If this popular table game interests you, you have probably heard about its variation of the game called Blackjack Surrender. If you are eager to know how it differs from the regular Blackjack game, as well as where to play this particular variant, keep reading.

The Way to Save Money

Old-school gamblers, I am sorry to inform you that the land-based casinos rarely offer surrender as an option in Blackjack. On your trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you can experience difficulties finding the casino that does. The best alternative you can opt for while you are there are six or eight-deck games. Apparently, the surrender option is only offered at online casinos. Therefore, if you are amenable to transfer from the real world of gambling to the virtual one to enhance your chances in the long run, you have a vast number of options at your disposal.

The Surrender Move in a Nutshell

This option, as mentioned above, is a great alternative whose purpose is saving money while playing Blackjack because it significantly reduces the house edge. Basically, if you participate in the version of the game that includes it, you can opt for surrendering your hand instead of playing it out. You do so if you estimate that you don’t stand a chance, and it leads to you giving up half of your bet.

Although it may seem like an unprofitable option, the truth is it prevents you from wasting money. The experienced Blackjack players are aware of that fact, so they often choose this variant of the game over the other ones. However, the surrender option has certain restrictions attached to it. You can “play that card” only on the condition you have not already chosen to hit, stand, split, or double. Therefore, it is only available for the first two cards dealt during the course of one game.

The Surrender Rules

Just like every other casino game, Blackjack has its rules. Being a variant of the game, Blackjack Surrender has rules that slightly differ from the ones of the original version. This goes for every game that implies more than one way of playing. Therefore, you must be familiar with the classic form of the game before moving on to the variants. Assuming you have played Blackjack, I will concentrate on the rules of the particular variant that is the subject of the article and list them for you. Other than the rule that dictates the dealer should stand on a soft 17, you ought to know the following ones:

As you already know, the dealer shows only one card, whilst the other one is face down. The term for the first one is the up card. Provided that one is an Ace or a 10 card, the dealer checks for Blackjack. Conceding that they have it, they win.

The second highest hand after the one described above is the Seven-Card Charlie. It comprises of seven cards whose value, when all the numbers add up, is smaller than or equal to 21.


When your hand contains two equally valued cards, you can opt for splitting them. Once you do so, you will have the dealer give you two cards, one for each hand. Nonetheless, in case the pair you have split comprises two Aces, you are may draw only one extra card to each of your hands. Afterwards, you must stand.

Moreover, while playing Blackjack Surrender, you can double down if you consider it a good idea. In short, if two initial cards you get make you think that with your third card you can defeat the dealer, doubling down can be your weapon of choice. That basically means doubling your wager. And after you have done so, you get your third card.

Provided that the dealer has an Ace, ensuring your bet is a possibility. If that is your choice, half of your bet will be separated and placed on the table. If your assumption is true, you will have your insurance bet doubled. Otherwise, you will lose it.

The late surrender move implies being allowed to surrender on the condition the dealer has established Blackjack is not in their hand.

Additional Information

Now that you have caught up with the rules and the ways in which Blackjack Surrender differs from the classic game, the details are on schedule.

The Early Surrender Instead of the Late Surrender

You now know what the late surrender means and how to apply it to your game. But how about the early surrender? In fact, that is the trick that can bring down the house edge even more, provided the casino offers it. If it does, you can surrender your hand despite the dealer has not checked for Blackjack yet. Notwithstanding, this option is rather rare, as it obviously damages the casino.

How to Surrender

Even though the option we have been discussing is frequent in the virtual gambling world, you can still come across it at a land-based casino, provided you are lucky. In that case, you use a special hand signal to let the dealer know you want to surrender. As opposed to traditional casinos, their online counterparts do not require any special knowledge when it comes to the very act of surrendering. The button for the relevant option is rather transparent, you will see it on the screen, so you just need to click it, and you are done.

The Gesture

The signal you ought to make in order to surrender at a land-based casino is quite simple. All you need to do is draw a line six inches long under your bet using your index finger — the dealer will know what it means. It can get even simpler if the particular dealer you are playing with requires you only to say “Surrender.”


There you have it, a guideline that is supposed to facilitate your game of Blackjack Surrender. When you master the classic game, you will have no problems whatsoever to mix things up a little in order to play this one. You can view it as your go-to solution for saving money and playing one of the most beloved table games at once. Just make sure to carefully choose a casino and go through the additional rules once again. Other than that, you just have to enjoy the game.